Convert your mouse to be mouse trackpad

Android mouse is an application that give you the ability to use Android phone as mouse trackpad, gives you all functionalities [ Right, Left and Center ] single and double clicks, and mouse movement.
Communication media between phone and computer is Bluetooth so your computer should have Bluetooth capability or USB Bluetooth dongle.
To use it you should:
1- Download and run AndroidMouse.jar on your computer.
2- Install AndroidMouse android app from google play.
Steps to connect your phone with computer:
1- You just run AndroidMouse.jar file on your computer and it will be ready to accept connection from android app.
2- Open AndroidMouse app on your android phone, if you didn’t turn Bluetooth on it will ask you to turn it on.
3- After you turn it on, click android menu button to set your device discoverable from Make discoverable button.
4- Then click Connect a device button and choose your computer device you want to control.
5- After you have connection confirmation message, Now you have mouse trackpad on your mobile.
Congrats Thumbs upThumbs upSmileSmile
It works fine on Windows [32bit, 64bit],
and will support Linux and Mac OS soon Winking smile

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